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A Touch of Distinction

      Individually Customized Massage*  and  Luxurious Private Steam Room

* (Includes Up to 15 Min FREE for Prep/Interview Time in addition to Actual Massage time!)

(Lyoness Cashback Given on Undiscounted Service)

 No 50 Minute Hours here!

 (520) 751-8911

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Customized Massage by State Licensed Professionals!
A Visit to A Touch of Distinction will Exceed Your Expectations!
(YES - We accept Pre-Natal Massage Appointments!)
 A Touch of Distinction – A Therassage Experience has been in Tucson , Arizona since 1995.  The Owner, Jan expanded to a multi-therapist organization in 2004 to include their Exclusive Mystic Steam & Mud Room using her custom blend “Mystic Mud” made from rhassoul clay.  The Enchanting Steam Room can be used for steam bathing or for the Mystic Mud treatment or the Dead Sea Salt Glow.  In any case, our Steam Room is PRIVATE for you alone or with a buddy or two.
* What is Customized Massage?       

Your Massage Therapist will Customize your Session YOUR Way!

You tell Your Therapist what you want!  Examples...

                  40 Min Foot Massage

                  *  40 Min Foot/Hand Massage

                  *  1 Hr Upper Body Only

                  *  1 1/2 Hr Back, Legs Only

                   You choose how you want your Treatment to go!

      Quality Service from Experienced Professionals!


 A Visit to A Touch of Distinction will Exceed Your Expectations!

  Respect for the Individual - Excellence in Service - Alert to Innovative Change

•     All Therapists are City of Tucson and Arizona State Licensed Therapists
•      We provide old fashioned Quality Service for the best price in town
ATOD is Affordable for Everyone without sacrificing Service and Quality!
Gift Certificates and other Pre-Paid Options Available!

 (Repeated "No Shows" and Last Minute Cancellations May Result in Loss of Value of Gift Certificates and other Prepays)

   If youThirst for Knowledge,......Read on!

History of Steam!

Water has been used in healing throughout time helping the body restore energy flow, remove waste products, toxins and normalize circulation, to name a few.  It increases the effectiveness of the immune system as well in preventing disease, relieving pain, and maintaining health!  Combine one of our fantastic customized massage sessions with a steam, mystic mud treatment, or salt glow and you have a powerful combination for the health of your body and spirit!  The therapeutic effects of steam were noted by Hippocrates more than 2,000 years ago and the therapeutic effects of massage go back in recorded history approximately 8,000 years  to the Vedic Book of Life.

The uniqueness of the Mystic Steam & Mud treatment is its user friendly concept that eliminates cold, slippery wet rooms and puts fun into a therapeutic, hydrotherapy service!  Also, by combining the "Mystic Mud" with Steam bathing, your body temperature will be increased sufficiently in order to exchange toxins/pollutants for nutrients.  This cannot happen in a cool environment--the temp must reach 101-103 degrees and the Steam room  is the perfect environment for this to occur.  Tucsonans love this concept and are finding healthful hydrotherapy can be friendly to your wallet as well.